“I congratulate you on an impressive start with the Aliphia BOX. Is a solution for those who may have limited access to good internet and want a local server for their data.”

Arwa BaitElMal

A perfect solution for your business needs!

A hybrid unique in the market

Alphia Box can be accessed over local: LAN, WAN or USB .Or over Internet acting like a true private server. You can access securely to your business data from multiple computers without the need of installations or a purchase of  additional licenses.

Scalable data control

With Aliphia Box, you own your data and you control who has access to it. No matter what happens, your data stays on your Box, under your control. And as you grow, you can backup it and add more capacity as you need.

One Purchase, no subscriptions

The one only purchase and the no need of subscriptions make this product a good alternative for those that want work offline but without losing all the advantages of Aliphia Saas. Aliphia Box includes free updates and a total integrated maintenance system that makes it very reliable.

A product born of customers

We listened our client needs, and we found a way to innovate and make them happend. We got the advantages of a online software, the perfomance and small size of the ARM devices, the one time purchase software model and we create the first class IoT(Internet of Things) product in the market.

Save money, go green

Power consumption is very low. Aliphia Box only requiring 5V, you will be able save up a minimum of $ 220 per year if we compare it with a normal computer server. The Box also comes with a USB cable to power it and get started right away like using a standard USB Storage drive.

Mobile and centralized

Aliphia Box changes the way you manage your business due it small size. Now it’s not just about centralization but more about mobility. Intended for small and medium business looking for mobilization, security and access of their own data everywhere.

Featuring the last Aliphia version

Each Aliphia Box comes with the latest version of Aliphia software ready to use, it doesn’t require any installation or configuration. Just plug the box and start working, simple like that!

A Palm-Sized Personal Server

Powered with CPU ARM® Cortex-A8 1 GHz with 1GB DDR3 memory and 4 GB storage expandable to 64GB. With a low energy consumption and size Aliphia Box is the perfect choice to have control and access of your business from anywhere.

An easy management system

Aliphia Box includes a advanced management system that allows you configure all the options and features available in a easy way.

An integrated Kiosk ready to use

Connects different types of displays: Monitors, TV, Video projectors, Touchscreen and Window displays screens. Expose your dashboard, catalog products, promotions in high definition to your customers.