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When you first connect to the billing software Aliphia our logo, warmly welcomes you with a smile and invites you to charge Illico Presto, by offering you a free subscription and no payment obligation.

What is the trial period ?

This is a free account available to any user wishing to evaluate the skills and characteristics of our dedicated to creating invoices and devis. The free account is the first phase of knowledge with Aliphia.

How to benefit ?

From our site you simply enter your full name and email address. Thereafter you will be taken directly to the software platform to start your experience of over billing.

I enjoy what during this period ?

  • First, for a unlimited period you have full access to the features without any restrictions. You can create quotes, send invoices, enter payments and customize as you wish.
  • You have the right to add only 5 customers
  • You can get paid via PayPal is also enabled, test the speed and responsiveness by trying.
  • Finally you will have available statistics in real time to analyze the productivity of your business throughout this month.

Technical support is available ?

Obviously, clients, prospective clients or just interested in the trial period, we are available to help you, guide you and provide you with the information you are missing.

And if I want to add more than 5 clients?

You can via the application take a subscription for another month or six months or a year. Depending on your needs. The credit card is not mandatory subscription is accessible to all.

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