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Aliphia Saas

Try in this post to push a little further our reflections on the Saas model and ask ourselves about the benefits gained through the use of Aliphia.

Billing software by its definition is a tool that offers invoice templates likely to bring ease and simplicity sought. Saas its special offer that. It helps to have invoices and quotes online. Software for auto entrepreneur, a target more demanding in terms of mobility and accessibility.

My bill online? Tell me more!

The first time I became aware of this, I shook my shoulders and I was reluctant to give up my papers , those that adorned my office and were scattered everywhere , but which nevertheless , remained palpable , touchable and handy . Yet to see how each day was more stressful, more difficult to organize and save more disturbing.

Management bills online ! The idea took shape and was necessary as the ultimate solution. Of course , I had read and documenting me . How to create an invoice online and what are the tools that allow that. That’s what I needed.

For cons , I had a great desire to change my way of working but yet spend a lot and lose myself in the features , facilities and computer settings which I do not know much. Billing software online. It was the answer to my questions. An easy to use software which will track bills of TPE that has not a lot of money to spend.

What is the advantage of working with a Saas?

  • I rent Aliphia , I subscribe in my need and I have no installation costs and maintenance.
  • I choose software invoice creation through the Internet, which will allow me to charge my client on the field and be paid through PayPal integration in without me around.
  • An application for small business to automate daily tasks and provides full control of the billing process.
  • The dematerialization of my documents give me more space in my office, less anxiety and more organization.
  • An attractive solution for small business like mine with the ability to create quotes and express bills.
  • The safety of my data is supported by a trusted provider and I set a confidentiality agreement for my data with it. From there I would need to make regular backups of technical support which I do not guarantee reliability. My data here are protected from any incident or disaster.
  • A web solution that facilitates the daily and gives me more freedom in my travels and my choice of team.

When acquiring all these benefits you earn. We do become aware of it once inside. The market is changing, the interest is to adapt and to follow the movement. And the profit would be at the competition but also to exceed them and be a leader in its field of activity

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