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Aliphia software SaaS

First, we want to thank all customers and users Aliphia on their messages and suggestions. This helps us to improve the service and make the stronger and more powerful your invoicing software. In this new version, we added many features to meet the needs of many users. Let us turn then:

  • New subscription plans with a free account is now available.
  • Adding attachments to invoices and quotes parts. You can send along in the email and take a look shared with the URL.
  • Adding new documents to be printed on the invoice: note delivery and delivery note.
  • Now, in the Invoice / Quote / Order, you can fill and edit customer details without leaving the page.
  • Adding a new status for bills called “Empty.” It allows you to cancel an invoice. The amount of the invoice will not be included on the software.
  • Adding a new status information for invoices called “Partial salary” to track not fully paid bills.
  • Now you can record an expense by connecting it to a client.
  • It is now possible to “absorb” a bill for the track switch to “Profit and Loss”.
  • There is also a new field in the Items sheet is the “purchase price”.
  • A new field “Customer Note” will now allow you to write notes in your invoice and quotation.
  • The design of invoices / quotes / orders has been improved.
  • Now you can specify a billing address and delivery address for a client on your documents.
  • We modified and added new reports to help you analyze your work.

We hope these new features will meet your needs. Feel free to leave us comments or contact us directly. We will be happy to read and respond.

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