Coronavirus: 8 Tips for working from home with Aliphia

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To face the repercussions of CORVID-19 and prevent its spread, the Ministry of Human Development and Social Resources of KSA instructed private sector institutions to suspend work for 15 day and activate telework procedures, according to the Saudi Press Agency. More here So, many companies will manage their accounts remotely. As you know Aliphia is… Read more »

Aliphia Update 1.2.8: Aliphia POS preview is available for all customers.

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We are excited to announce Aliphia POS, a new module, fully integrated with your account that will accelerate and organize your sales. With Aliphia POS you can use any HTML5 compatible device and turn it to a modern and mobile POS Terminal. Aliphia POS delivers in-store and online inventory synchronization and detailed reporting. All bundled… Read more »