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When acquiring a billing software, each of us at some point has asked these crucial questions: “What software to choose?” “On what basis?” “Which of all?” Then try to answer these questions by making the rounds of the major characteristics Aliphia, whether it responds to these needs or not.

How to choose a billing software?

  • Firstly, we are all aware that billing is an important process in our business but that takes a lot of time and energy. We will then choose the software that will be quick and very responsive.
  • Then, being a small business or entrepreneur, is looking for a product that has a good price/quality ratio. Which is not expensive and whose performance will benefit us.
  • Of course mobility and accessibility are two criteria to be taken into account. You can use either one or even from home
  • Ergonomically, the platform for our future software should be simple and easy to adapt to our various projects.
  • Finally, the support must be accessible and available to all our questions, concerns or inquiries we have.

What we offer?

  • First timeliness. An easy connection to your software and speed input any data. Actions and repetitive tasks no longer exist, with a minimum of information, invoices and estimates are generated and sent to your customers if desired. You can also enter in three minutes or payment you to pay via PayPal and appear simultaneously on your dashboard to enrich your reports and statistical analysis of activity. A series that takes a few minutes, you avoid duplicate entries and allows you to be productive.
  • Then the price of the proposed formulas are not high and are not binding. You can subscribe to a one-month subscription, six months or one year. It is flexible and work according to the consumption of each and payment methods do not require the use of any credit card.
  • Aliphia is an online software, it does not require installation and can be accessed anywhere at any time.
  • Our billing software offers a workspace at once beautiful, efficient and very convenient.
  • Our forum, blog and start guide software remain accessible at all times and our technical support is reachable 24/7.
  • Finally the access to Aliphia is 100% secure and your data storage Rely on SSL crytptage.

In a few points briefly and I tried to answer the question regarding the choice of software with you the benefits of Aliphia.
In other articles I go into the nitty-gritty to explain more fully the first steps to do and give you some tips and tricks that I have not yet had time to detail here.

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