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Aiphia facturation

We are pleased to announce that a new version is available at Aliphia. New updates have been made and new features have emerged.Let us give you a summary of what you will now find on the application:

  • Added a new option in the menu called “Orders” . That allows to create and manage purchase orders from customers.
  • The emails templates now contain an editor that supports RTF (Rich Text Format ) for editing and layout your emails with : Links, sizes, characters, colors etc …
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Discover in this post new additions to your billing software online. Some, may have already noticed during use of Aliphia and others will be able to learn more in this article. This is also an opportunity to inform you that new options will emerge progressively . Thanks to your comments, proposals and our constant need to answer all your questions and make the management of your easy and efficient billing .

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invoice groups

Today in our second tutorial I chose to talk briefly about the numbering feature bills and the sending invoices by email. Billing program you use should take into account the email service and will facilitate contact with your customer and send your bills. Obviously you need to be able to number your invoices from the beginning , an important indicator to organize your work and you spot easily.

How to number your invoices?

I suggest you set this function from the beginning . Each invoice or quote that you enter must meet a timeline. Therefore each document following numbering , you avoid holes, voids and loss of bearings . And to organize , billing software online is the best place to serve you and give order to your work.

Aliphia on this is very simple. Just go to “Settings” then ” Group bills .” At this level you can change the default groups already created or create new ones :

The timing of your invoices can be divided into groups according to your needs . But each time the setting is the same . Three important information must be entered :

  • The name of the group to make a difference with others.
  • The prefix that will appear before the number of the invoice.
  • The ID that defines the number with which you want to start
numbering of invoice

Getting Started with Email service

Naturally, this function will only be operational if you fill in each customer record a valid email address. Afterwards , head to the ” System Settings ” , click on the ” email”

I give the example in this article Gmail and Hotmail :

Head to this link for information about Gmail Configuration Gmail

Go to this page for information about Hotmail Hotmail configuration

Just search on google if you use other mail box is easy to find and configure.

setting email

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Aliphia Billing

2013 we marked the launch Aliphia , Billing Software Online for Auto Entrepreuneurs & Small Business . We create our Unique Selling Proposition to help us differentiate ourselves from our competitors and other services : We developed a program, the first SaaS , which allows you to create invoices and quotes in Arabic across the MENA region.

Now with the new year upon us, the task force would first like to wish you all a happy and great 2014. Then 4 points I can discuss with you five good resolutions to be adopted and that I hope will be able to help you. It’s a new year, it resets the counters and adopt good practices !

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Aliphia Saas

Try in this post to push a little further our reflections on the Saas model and ask ourselves about the benefits gained through the use of Aliphia.

Billing software by its definition is a tool that offers invoice templates likely to bring ease and simplicity sought. Saas its special offer that. It helps to have invoices and quotes online. Software for auto entrepreneur, a target more demanding in terms of mobility and accessibility.

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Invoice software

Today I will try to give more information about Aliphia and architecure ..Some definitions are then necessary to understand what cloud computing and what is a SaaS application.

What is Cloud Computing?

    I held you for two main definitions:

  • Our dear * Wikipedia defines it as follows: ” Cloud computing is a way to provide and utilize the skills of computer systems, which is based on the cloud (cloud in English ) : a fleet of machines , network equipment and software maintained by a vendor that consumers can use self-service via a computer network , usually the Internet. “
  • And the definition of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) presents as ” access via a telecommunications network , demand and self-service computing resources shared configurable

So to summarize what must be understood is that a change has occurred . While traditionally companies housed their data on their own infrastructure. Now it is through a remote server managed by a third party that they can access. Hence the name in French Cloud Computing computer or dematerialized. That is to say that the location of their data protection, maintenance and updates servers are no longer the responsibility of the customer but rather an external supplier or service provider.

To apply it to our billing software and specifications , with Aliphia it is no longer a question of keeping its invoices, quotes and payments dispersed in paper format to everyone and discovered during an incident . Now they are dematerialized . Paperwork becomes the past. You log into your personal account you create your invoices online and you keep and archive for your own personal use or for people you allow yourself.

It has no trouble to do . Costs are reduced and you gain productivity. Even maintenance issues and updates are eliminated. Because with it are directly Aliphia.

What is Saas software?

Wikipedia defines it as ” a commercial software model in which they are installed on remote servers rather than on the user’s machine . Customers do not pay for a license version, but generally use free online service or pay a recurring subscription .”

To apply once again to Aliphia. The software is provided as a service ; As opposed to software marketed under license . Aliphia Saas comes in the form of monthly , semi- annual and accessible via the Internet using an SSL encrypted connection and indecipherable . Consumption is demand and there are no long-term contract.

Thank you.

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Sahih Business announces the launch of its Aliphia
Billing Software Online

Through his tender young Moroccan Sahih Startup Business is based on the Software as a Service software to present its new software Billing Online for Auto-Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses.

An entrepreneur, a small business, a craftsman, a merchant, all daily need a variety of tools to carry out their activity.To overcome this handicap, Aliphia offers a new and accessible to all service. This tool goes around the entire billing process and helps make input specifications, payments and faster and simpler bills. Aliphia is hosted in the cloud and is served in the form of Saas application.

What are the strengths of this Saas solution?

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Arabic Invoice

Here in a few seconds you create your account and you’re Aliphia above. No need to ask questions about how or what to click. Guide Aliphia welcomes you dice your first connection and nicely shows you how to surf between different software options. Today, I’ll explain a little features the quote. Hoping to bring you more details as possible

What is a quote Aliphia?

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When you first connect to the billing software Aliphia our logo, warmly welcomes you with a smile and invites you to charge Illico Presto, by offering you a free subscription and no payment obligation.

What is the trial period ?

This is a free account available to any user wishing to evaluate the skills and characteristics of our dedicated to creating invoices and devis. The free account is the first phase of knowledge with Aliphia.

How to benefit ?

From our site you simply enter your full name and email address. Thereafter you will be taken directly to the software platform to start your experience of over billing.

I enjoy what during this period ?

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