How I upload my logo and contact information?

To upload your logo and the contact information of your company:

  • Login to your account on Aliphia
  • Click on Settings then on Companies.
  • Fill in the required fields that are marked with a star *.
  • To the right, under the Aliphia logo, click on Upload File to upload your logo.
  • The logo has to respect the supported size and format: 2MG format GIF, JPEG, BMP PVG.

Beside the logo, you can also add the stamp of your company:

  • Click on Upload File in the Company/Invoice Stamp field.
  • Under this field, you will find a tool to adjust the position of your stamp.
  • After finishing these steps, click on Save.

How do I remove Aliphia branding?

By default, the logo of Aliphia appears below on your documents like invoices, estimates and others documents. You can remove this logo, even if you are using the free version of the software:

  • Login to your account, click on Settings then System Settings.
  • In the General tab, disable the option of Let Aliphia Show Brand Logo in Docs.
  • Don’t forget to always press Save after every modification.

How I configure my invoices?

To facilitate managing your invoices, Aliphia allows you to edit different settings:

  • Paper Size: You can edit the size of paper when printing according to your company’s needs. Per example, if you are using a POS printer, you can use the size B7.
  • Default PDF Template: If you want to edit the template you are using currently on your invoices, you can choose a different template here. You can choose an existing template or create a new one (Invoice Section -> View Templates). Once created. the template will show up in this list.
  • Invoice Due After (Days): Every invoice should indicate the due date on which the payment should occur. This field will allow you to fix an automatic duration to appear on the invoice.
  • Default Invoice Group: Numbering groups indicate the numbering used on the invoices, if you have many numbering formats, you can choose one here.
  • Default Terms: You can enter your terms of sales here, it will appear automatically on your invoices and you will not have to enter them manually every time.
  • Write Invoice Total in Words: This option will allow you to show the invoice total in letters too.
  • Show Totals in Invoices: Once activated, the total of each column will appear at the end, like the Price, Quantity, Discount.
  • Afficher les totaux sur les factures: Une fois activé, vous verrez apparaître le total de chaque colonne a la fin, comme le Prix, la Quantité, la Réduction etc.

How I configure my quotes?

Just like invoices, you can also change the default setting of your quotes:

  • Default template: You can choose an existing template or you can create a new one through (Invoice Section -> View Templates). Once created. the template will show up in this list.
  • Default email template: You can choose an email template for your estimates so that it shows up automatically when you send an estimate via mail. You can create a new template (Settings -> Email Templates), once created it will shows up on the liste.
  • Estimates expire after (Days): You can enter here the duration of the offer presented on your estimate.
  • Mark estimates as sent when PDF is generated: once you download the estimate file in PDF , the status will change automatically to Sent.

How I configure my orders?

You can edit the settings of your orders this way:

  • Go to Settings then to System Settings.
  • Click on the Orders tab.
  • Paper Size: by default it’s A4, but you can edit it according to your need.
  • Default PDF Template: You will find the default templates of the software, the only difference between them is the color. In case you have created a new template, it will shows up here too.
  • Orders Expire After (Days): this option allows you to fix the The expiration time of your orders.
  • Don’t Show Invoice Headers in Generated PDF: You can choose whether you want to show the headers of the page or not, especially if you are using paper-headers.
  • Only Have Access To Available Quantity Products in Stock: Here you can enable or disable the possibility to see the quantity of products in stock for your Salesman (user account).
  • Show Totals in Orders: this option allows you to show the total of every column on the order, like the total quantity, total tax, etc.
  • Don’t forget to click on Save so that the software takes in consideration the modifications done.

How I configure my email?

Aliphia allows you to send your invoices via mail in a very simple and fast way. To enable this option, you’re going to have to choose the server you want to use, either the Aliphia server or the server of your mail.

  • Aliphia Server: Go to Settings then to System Settings, then click on Email tab. Choose Aliphia SMTP then press on Save.
  • Email Server: If you have an email account on Gmail, you’re going to have to fellow some steps to set the configuration, these steps are explained on this blog post.

Note: if you are using a different email service then Gmail, you have to contact your service provider in order to get the necessary configuration settings to send your emails from Aliphia.

How I set up my merchant account?

The feature of merchant account gives you the possibility to activate the online payment on your invoices. The software support Paypal and payment by Bank Card or Credit Card with the 2Checkout platform:

  • Go to Settings then System Settings.
  • Click on the Merchant Account tab.
  • Enable Online Payments, then choose the platform of payment you want to use.
  • 2Checkout supports payment by credit card: Visa Card, Master Card, American Express and PayPal. You can create an account on 2Checkout and integrate it with Aliphia, for more details about it, please visit this link.
  • You can also use Paypal. For more details about how to integrate Paypal with your account, please visit this link.

How I do a backup?

Aliphia allows you to do backups that will help restore your date if you ever face a problem:

  • Go to Settings then System Settings.
  • Click on the Backup tab.
  • Click on the Download a Backup button.

How I delete all my data?

If you want to reset your account on Aliphia and start fresh with a clean account:

  • Go to Settings then System Settings.
  • Click on the Backup tab
  • Click on Reset All Restored Data.
  • Confirm your choice by typing DELETE, if not press Cancel.

How can I import data?

Aliphia allows you to import your data on the software, per example: the list of your customers or the list of your products. To import data, you have to follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings then down on the list press Import Data.
  • Up to the left, you will find the “?” button, click on it for more details.
  • Click on New then choose the type of data you wish to upload. For example, if it’s a list of products, you have to choose Upload for: Products.
  • Next you have to import the file of data in CSV format, the data has to be structured in the same indicated way in the “?” bouton.

How can I add another society?

Beside the main society, you can add multiple societies that you can delete at anytime, except the main one. To add a new society to your account:

  • Go to Settings then to Companies.
  • Click on New, up the page.
  • A form will appear in front of you, fill the information in the required fields marked with *.
  • Click on Save.