Now you can get your invoices paid online and in matters of seconds. We understand the importance in a business to get paid in time, that’s why we integrated Aliphia with the well known MENA players in the market to increase your cash-flow.

Actually we Support:

Save time, accept Credit and Debit Cards

You no longer need to wait for a check or a wire transfer to be made, that is old stuff. Now using our merchant payment service you can accept Credit and Debit Cards securely and instantly. Our invoices run perfectly in any device, including smartphones, making possible to your customers to pay them in the very same moment.

Get paid using Web Invoices

Customers can access your invoices at anytime using a unique encoded URL created by our software. This URL renders your invoice in a web format allowing you to share it in your emails, social media accounts or third party softwares. Providing customers an easy and fast way to pay you.

Encrusted payment buttons on PDF Invoices

With the merchant option enabled our signed PDF Invoices are made with a payment button encrusted to allow customers pay them in any moment. In this way your payment method and information is always within the invoice.

Automatic payments processing

By using our Merchant Services when an invoice got paid, a payment of the amount is automatically registered in your account and the invoice status is changed to “Paid”. When a local currency is not supported by the gateway, is detected and converted on the fly to USD using the current day valuation.