A last minute customer? Simply log on to the online invoice software and you will able to create a quote in record time. Very quick to learn, it saves you time and energy. All it takes is to select the name of your client and transfer all personal data directly to your document.There is no need to enter them manually. The numbering is done automatically and you can change it when you want.

Add Products Easily To Your Quotes

Find, in addition, tools that allow you to add from stock the product or service that your client wants. It can be a stock that you’ve supplied in advance or even a stock that you’re supplying at the moment. The price is automatically displayed there so there’s no need to enter the desired amount.

Personalize Your Quotes

Customization of the application is also possible. Apply your billing preferences, insert custom fields, specific taxes on the field and turn your quotes to invoices.

Send Your Quotes and Invoices by URL

You can from this very page, download your quote in PDF format, share the quote’s URL or send it by email to your customers. In a simple and responsive way customers may refuse or accept the quote from the link URL. They will appreciate the quality of your service and strive for perfection.


A new option in the menu called “Orders” . That allows to create and manage purchase orders from customers.