Create professional estimate online for your customers to show them how much you will charge for their product or service and under what conditions.

Make a great first impression with your estimate

Create and send detailed template estimate with all the necessary information to sell a product or service. And like invoice, customize the estimate using our designer tool. And by sending the quotes online, your customers will receive your professional-looking estimates instantly.

Clients can accept your estimate any time

By sending a link of the quote to your customers, you give them the opportunity to accept or refuse the estimated price you offered. The link also will let you know instantly if your client consulted quote or not.

Organize & track all your estimate in one place

Easily manage your quote with a quick overview of the accepted estimate, refused open or not consulted by your clients. You will easily know if it’s time to follow up the customer or focus on others deals.

Go from estimate to invoice in just one clicks

With just one click convert your quote to an invoice without wasting time. All quote information will be included on the invoice. You always have the right to change or add more information on the invoice.