Benefits and opportunities Aliphia are multiple. Through questions / answers we will list below:

How to create my online account?

The inscription on the software happens quickly and easily. The slogan is simple, just go to the Home Page and enter the email address and user name. We advise you anyway:
  • If you are a business, to the email address with which you deal with your customers.
  • If you’re a freelancer, to the email address that you use to work and send your bills.
  • The username may be your own or that of society and instead of email, you can change it whenever you want

How to access my account?

When you first login, you access the application without entering a password. But once disconnected, to enter again should:
  1. Log on to the email address provided at the beginning.
  2. Search the mail Welcome If you can not find it, check in the Junk or Spam.
  3. Click on the link sent in the mail
  4. If the link does not work, copy and paste in your browser directly.
  5. Create your password, it must be personal and confidential. The never disclose to a third party.

How do I change my contact details and personal information?

Once your registration is complete, you can change your details by logging into the application:
  1. Click on the top right “welcome”.
  2. Enter your information.
  3. Register at the top right.

How do I change my address?

Your details remain editable at any time, except the email address of record that can not be changed. But you can configure the Email app with another email address.

How to put my logo, footer and conditions on my bill?

After your registration you can add your logo:
  1. Click “Settings” then “System Settings”.
  2. Head to the “General” tab.
  3. Right on the “logo invoice” option you can add or remove.
  4. The logo should have a maximum size of 2 MB and must be in GIF, JPEG, PNG format.
For information on the settings of your bills, you will find them in the “Invoices” tab:
  1. For information on the settings of your bills, you will find them in the “Invoices” tab:
  2. Footer that you want to see: The details of the company, for example.
  3. Color PDF invoice: paid and unpaid
  4. The mail template that you want to default or customize it for: paid and unpaid
  5. The length to which the invoice must be paid in days.

How do I access my account if I lost my password?

Once on the site, on the login page to retrieve your password should:
  1. Click on “Forgot your password”.
  2. Enter the email address with which you registered on Aliphia address.
  3. Check your e-mail address, you will find an email
  4. Click on the link sent it.
  5. Change by entering a new password.

How do I change my password?

When you are on the software and you want to change your password you must:
  1. Click on the top right “welcome”
  2. Go to “Change Password”
  3. Saisir le nouveau mot de passe
  4. Click on “save”.
The message “Password changed successfully” will confirm that your information has been changed.

How to charge in foreign currency and change the language of the application?

Working abroad and you want to change the currency of your software:
  1. Click “Settings” then “System Settings”.
  2. In the “General” tab you will be able to change the language and the currency you want.
  3. Always click “Save” for each change

How do I configure my email settings?

To add data from your email account to send your invoices and quotes by email:
  1. Click “Settings” then “System Settings”.
  2. Head to the “Mail” tab.
  3. Enter this information in accordance with the mail you use.
For Hotmail Hotmail Configuration Anglais For Gmail: Gmail Configuration Anglais

How is the trial period?

The trial period lasts one month. Meanwhile, have full access to all features of the site, without any restriction. Your data is always available to export even after the expiration of your trial period. Thank you for reading our blog post for more information. Once your trial period, your subscription or coming to an end, you can still log in and access all your data, with the possibility to export also. You can simply not create or add to subscription renewal.

How to contact

To contact Aliphia, all means are good. We are reachable:
This web chat on the homepage On the site’s forum available here By mail: By phone: +212 661 469 849 On the Facebook page Aliphia On Twitter On our Google+ profile

How to create an invoice?

To create your invoices, you have several ways to this:
  1. On the menu bar when you click on “invoice” then “create an invoice”, you must enter the no client in the window that appears.
  2. If it is an existing client, select its name in the list that appears. If this is a new customer, enter the full name or the name of the company.
  3. Select the group, and the date of the invoice and press the submit button.
  4. To add the first item, fill object, description, quantity and price.
  5. To add other items, press the button “add a product” or “add a product inventory” and repeat every time.
  6. When you are finished, press the Save button, the calculation will be done automatically.

How to manage track my invoices?

In the list of invoices, color codes are here to help you keep track of your bills: draft, unpaid, paid, rejected, accepted. You can also click on the name of each column to order according to your need.

How to add products to the invoice?

To add other items, press the button “add a product” or “add from stock” and repeat every time. When you have finished adding your products, press the Save button, the calculation will be done automatically.

How to get the total of my bill?

When you have finished adding your products, always press the Save button, the calculation will be done automatically.

How to add a tax invoice?

To apply a tax on the entire invoice, select “Add a tax invoice” you find on the Options button. Select the appropriate tax rate and placement on the window that appears. Press the Submit button. This tax will be calculated on the total bill.

How to copy an invoice?

To copy a document, choose Copy invoice from the Options button. Change the name of the client, if necessary, then select the group, the date of the invoice, and press the Submit button. All items, taxes and invoice amounts from the source will be copied to a new invoice.

How do I print my bill and put my header?

To print your invoices, you must download the PDF and then print. If you want the invoice without the logo, to print your header below must:
  1. Click on the Settings icon, by selecting System Settings entry.
  2. Then go to the “Invoices” tab
  3. And select “Yes” as in the photo below.
Invoice Headers

How to add custom fields?

Custom fields can be created for: Customers, Invoices, Quotations, Payments, Users. To configure must:
  1. Click the Settings icon, selecting the entry of custom fields.
  2. Move to “new” and add a custom field.
  3. Once the custom field added, it appears at the bottom of the form for the product (if it is a custom field created for the customer record, it also appears at the bottom on the form of the client and so on for the others)

How to create a recurring invoice?

To create an invoice that automatically recur at a specific frequency, you must:
  1. Create the first invoice.
  2. Once the first invoice has been created, you can define it as a recurring invoice by selecting “Create a recurrence” in the Options menu.
  3. You can pay the bill for it to recur every week, month, year, quarter or six months.
  4. Enter a start date and an end date and.

How to stop a recurring invoice?

On the menu bar:
  1. Click on “Invoices”.
  2. Then “see recurring invoices,” the list of recurring invoices appears.
  3. Recurring invoices can be arrested or removed from the Options button in the list of recurring bills.

How to have personalized for each invoice numbering?

Aliphia comes with two default groups: Invoice and Estimate These default groups can be customized and a number of new groups can be created. Each group has a number of options:
  1. Prefix: Can be customized alphanumeric identifier that is attached to each ID.
  2. Next ID: This will be used to determine the starting number of this group.
  3. Left Margin: The margin can be used to identify the number of zeros to be added to the left of the invoice number.
  4. Prefix of the year and the prefix of the month: Can be activated for they precede the ID.

How can my customers pay my bills online?

So your customers can pay you online when you send them the invoice, you must set up your trading account:
  1. Click the Settings icon and select the Settings entry system.
  2. Click on the Merchant Account tab.
  3. Enter “Yes” to Enable online payments.
  4. Choose the appropriate driver Marchand. (PayPal)
  5. Highlight “Yes” on the test mode if you want to test the functionality before.
  6. Enter the username, password and signature associated with your merchant account.
  7. Select the code in the appropriate currency.
  8. Press the Save button.
Log into your PayPal account here, to have all this information: User Name, Password, signature.

How have the history of my bills?

By clicking on the “Report” option on the menu bar, you can generate reports:
  1. On your invoice.
  2. On your payments.
  3. Sales per customer.

How do I import my bills on other software?

Aliphia can import data from any system as it is provided in CSV format. The import tool data in the Settings and select the Import option data:
    1. File names will be exactly as they are listed below.
    2. All columns listed below must be present in the file, even if there is no data in the column.
    3. The email address in the file of the invoice must be an e-mail address of a user account already entered in the customer records on Aliphia.

How to enter a payment?

On the menu bar you can see the list of your payments and also enter a new one as follows:
      1. On the form of payment, choose the appropriate invoice.
      2. Once the invoice is selected, the amount will automatically appear on the quantity field.
      3. Change the date if necessary and change the amount field if full payment is not made.
      4. Fields of payment method and notes are optional, you can use them or not.
      5. Press the Save button to save the payment.

How to Subscribe to Aliphia?

To subscribe to Aliphia:
      1. Log into your account.
      2. On the dashboard, click on “subscribe” then “Upgrade my subscription.”
      3. Choose the option you want, by clicking on “subscribe”.
      4. The window that appears after you can choose the payment method: Paypal / Credit Card or bank transfer.
      5. When you click bank transfer, thank you note to communicate information to your bank.
When paying online you will be automatically directed to the secure PayPal platform. For bank transfer, once made ​​from your bank must send the receipt of your payment by mail to: with the number on your order in the title “Object”.