What about the security of my data?

Safety standards adopted by Aliphia are a highly qualified level. This is one of the major aspects to take full advantage of the benefits of software to facturation.Aliphia opted for Amazon Web Service, which is designed as one of cloud computing environments, more flexible and more sécurisés.Amazon Web Services serves hundreds of thousands of customers in over 190 countries, their development process yields to best practices in developing secure software.

The level of data security

All customer data is hosted within the European Union in Ireland. A country with a framework of laws, concerning compliance and privacy policies of personal data, is more stringent.

A highly qualified Data Center

Data Center AWS use highly trained security systems, this for the sole purpose of providing a level of performance to international standards:
  • Advanced systems for electronic surveillance and access control
  • A 24h/24 monitoring and 7/7 by security officers using video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and other electronic means.
  • Access is strictly controlled according to the principle of least privilege, and it is controlled by biometric identification.
  • Authorized personnel must pass at least two two-factor authentication to access the floors of data centers.
  • Redundant power supply systems, using generators to provide backup power for the entire facility.
  • The servers are protected by firewalls, antivirus.
  • Using a duty roster so that there is always staff available to respond to operational problems.

Certification and Accreditation

Our host AWS data:
  • Obtained ISO 27001 certification of its management system information security (ISMS) covering infrastructure, data centers, and services. The certification strengthens the Amazon commitment to ensure transparency in its controls and safety practices.
  • Passed the audit report for SOC 1 (Service Organization Controls 1), type II, and certifying that the control objectives AWS are appropriately defined and established controls to protect customer data are effective.
  • Released its SOC 2 (Service Organization Controls 2) report, type II, the principles of this report define controls on major practices related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and respect for private life.

A secure platform

  • SSL Protection: The presence of an “s” in “https” and that of a closed padlock in the browser URL, are the signs of a secure connection.
  • Account access is done through a user name and password confidential and encrypted passwords.
  • Data protection using 128 AES (Advanced Encryption Standard, ie “Advanced Encryption Standard”). This standard to this day has never been deciphered.
  • Data backup provided by a redundancy system.
  • Data backup every three hours:1H AM, 4H AM, 7H AM, 10H AM, 13H PM, 16H PM, 19H PM, 22H PM