ZATCA QR Code Reader and Decoder

E-Invoicing FATOORA ZATCA (The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority) formally known as GAZT (the General Authority of Zakat and Tax) in KSA, especifies on its “Electronic Invoice Security Features Implementation” published on 2020 that from 4th December 2021, an encoded QR Code containing custom data in a TLV format is mandatory for all simplified invoices, credit or debit notes, and from 1st January 2023 in all Tax Invoices, credit or debit notes.

Since a lot of customers are asking us how to be able to read the QR Code by their selfs, we decided to create this free tool that allows you to scan or import an image with an ZATCA QR Code and decode it.

Aliphia is the first software to introduce electronic invoicing in KSA since 2014, our last version 1.3.1 already includes all the characteristics especified by ZATCA for phase 1 and also included features from phase 2 like invoice UID, Invoice Hashing, etc.