Concepts of cloud computing

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Today I will try to give more information about Aliphia and architecure ..Some definitions are then necessary to understand what cloud computing and what is a SaaS application. What is Cloud Computing? I held you for two main definitions: Our dear * Wikipedia defines it as follows: ” Cloud computing is a way to provide… Read more »

Press release

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Sahih Business announces the launch of its Aliphia Billing Software Online Through his tender young Moroccan Sahih Startup Business is based on the Software as a Service software to present its new software Billing Online for Auto-Entrepreneurs & Small Businesses. An entrepreneur, a small business, a craftsman, a merchant, all daily need a variety of… Read more »

Features a quote Aliphia

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Here in a few seconds you create your account and you’re Aliphia above. No need to ask questions about how or what to click. Guide Aliphia welcomes you dice your first connection and nicely shows you how to surf between different software options. Today, I’ll explain a little features the quote. Hoping to bring you… Read more »

free subscription

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When you first connect to the billing software Aliphia our logo, warmly welcomes you with a smile and invites you to charge Illico Presto, by offering you a free subscription and no payment obligation. What is the trial period ? This is a free account available to any user wishing to evaluate the skills and… Read more »

Manage your bills on Aliphia!

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When acquiring a billing software, each of us at some point has asked these crucial questions: “What software to choose?” “On what basis?” “Which of all?” Then try to answer these questions by making the rounds of the major characteristics Aliphia, whether it responds to these needs or not.