Made specifically for small businesses and for anyone who ignores all the ins and outs of accounting. Easy and simple, the accounting module allows to manage the finances of your society and closely follow your cash flow.

Use or edit our Chart of Accounts

Simply use or edit the default Chart of Accounts provided by the software or create a new chart of accounts. Each account has a account parent and a name. Each account may also be assigned a code, but that is optional.

Enter multiple manual journals

Create manual journals and put a debit and a credit for each entry.This enables making regular accounting transactions in a simple way: Date – Account – Description – Debit/Credit sum. You can have a variety of journals such as a sales journal, purchases journal, cash receipts journal.

Accurately Record Expenses and payment

Attach the categories of your spending and your payments to your chart of accounts to justify the costs. This will help you to get a comprehensive and detailed overview of each input and output of money without wasting hours to familiarize yourself with rules of accounting.

Powerful and detailed accounting report

You can generate your balance sheet at any time of the year to know your current assets and liabilities and also to evaluate how you have invested your company’s assets. Download your report in the format you want and share it with your team.