You will find everything you need to do internet marketing. We offer a business management software that integrates all-in-one and and lets you view your companions and closely follow your marketing strategy.

Create and send a great email to your client

Instead of sending a general e-mail, easily send a targeted message to your customer. Each email is an opportunity to build a better relationship with him and several tools are available to help you make your email attracting and tempting to read.

Reach your Customers with SMS wherever they are

Easily send text messages as payment alerts, reduction offers or appointment reminders to your consumers online from your PC, laptop or tablet. In addition to email, sending SMS notification will provide you an additional channel to be sure to reach your customer.

Send Fax Without leaving the software

Now you no longer need to purchase a fax machine or move from your PC to send faxes to your customers. Whether it is a message, an invoice, a contract where any other document, just put your recipient’s number, import the file and click send.

Send printed invoices through the Post

For all your customers who are not gone digital yet, and who prefer to receive their bills in paper format, use the Express Mail service that allows you to outsource this work, and send for you the invoice to your customer by post.

Create list and segment your users

Create your list of customers or suppliers and put them into groups to target their needs more effectivel. You can create the list by type and put a a description that will help you to better create and target your marketing campaign.

Create and schedule your marketing campaigns

Quick and easy to set up, within minutes create marketing campaigns: email, sms or fax. Choose a list and schedule your campaigns to automatically send it to the selected date and time.