Importing data is quite simple especially when compared to entering data one bye one. You will find in the settings the option to import your CSV data for the following features: Customers, Invoices, Items, Payments.

Export your data easily from your account

it can be important for you to recover all your Invoices / Estimate / Order / Customer / Item, saved in your account. You can export all invoices specifying the desired date or export all data to CSV or Excel format.

Export all your business reports

You can export the data report to a few different file formats: XLS, CSV, PDF. This option is available on each report. Select the period, generate and view the report online or export the data for later analysis with your team.

Ask for our Custom import Service

If you’ve started using the software and you have a lot of product data to import, we can help you import this data directly into your account. Contact us for more information about the service.