Make as many purchase transactions with your suppliers, using our free purchasing module. This will allow you to track all your purchases and sales on a single platform. You will simplify your purchasing process and reduce the time and cost that can lead to your business.

Create and send professional purchase order

Our purchase order template contains all the necessary information to place your order with your supplier or vendor. Once accepted or rejected by your provider, status will automatically change to Billed or Canceled.

Convert your purchase order to invoice in one click

When your order has passed and the payment is made, convert your purchase order to invoice with a single click. All information will be automatically adopted. Your inventory is automatically updated with the products and the quantities purchased.

Enter all the payments made to your vendor

Make a payment to your supplier from the invoice created previously. A receipt for this payment is created with details such as date, payment method and amount. An automatic update of your inventory is made when you refresh or supplement your existing stock.

Create and track Vendor Credit online

You can create the vendor credit to keep track of returned goods or services or the amount the vendor owes you and apply it to your future purchases with this him.